Program Topics


Because every employee and company’s needs and interests are different, LAUNCH! offers a variety of topics to engage employees and encourage participation. We also offer different formats from interactive, on-line workshops to on-site presentations. Regardless of your budget, we can design a program that will fit your needs. Below, you’ll find a few sample topics.

  • Understanding Your Health and What You Need – Health Risk Assessments, Personality Assessments & Interest Finders

  • How to Create Goals, Action Plans & Overcome Obstacles to Achieve Health Success

  • Discovering Inner Strength

  • Nutrition Education – Eating “Right”, Portion Control, Snacking Healthy, Dining Out, Eating on the Run & more…

  • Fitting Exercise into Your “Every” Day – 30 min. corporate workout, walking club, yoga, pilates, strength, resistance & cross training & more.

  • Cooking Demonstrations with our Launch! Chef

  • Solutions for Stress Reduction

  • Getting the Right Amount of Sleep

  • Achieving Balance in Work and Life – Time Management

  • Vitamins & Supplements

  • Looking Your Best – Fashion & Style, Skin, Make-Up & Hair

  • Financial Fitness – Budgeting for Your Health

  • Communication Skills that Positively Impact Personal & Professional Relationships