Group Wellness

LAUNCH! your Health Group Wellness

Changing lifestyle & health habits are hard to do on your own, so why not join our LAUNCH! community and do it together. Our group program offers an e- platform to access live, virtual educational workshops, team challenges, e-newsletters with awesome tips AND is accessible anywhere you have access to a phone or wifi. Here's what you'll receive....

  • Access to unlimited live, interactive health education workshops each month delivered by our health & wellness coaches -Talk to them LIVE!

  • Recorded workshop, in the event you can't attend the live lecture

  • Handouts and materials for each wellness educational class

  • Access to our on-line team challenges, walking clubs and other events!

  • Additional tools and resources such as recipes, tips, current news/updates and healthcare guidelines from our monthly e-newsletter.

  • 10% discount for any private one-on-one personal coaching

  • Loyalty/Rewards program that offers discounts on awesome retail products!

Become a member of our LAUNCH your Health Group Wellness Now