Case Studies


A large aerospace company created their annual wellness program and this is what theirs looked like. As a result of their comprehensive program they were awarded the AHA Fit Friendly Worksite Award!

A national subdivision of a Fortune 500 Aerospace company was in need of a more robust and engaging wellness program. Previous wellness programs did not engage them fully, so an interactive program was essential. Furthermore, there were multiple sites throughout the country, as well as field personnel, that were often excluded from HQ based programs based on location. LAUNCH! took all this into consideration and used live interactive on-site and virtual wellness programing to deliver health education directly to their employees, change health behaviors and sustain new lifestyle health habits.

First, LAUNCH! conducted a health risk assessment and employee interest survey to get a baseline and learn more about the employees’ interests. Next, they developed a curriculum, using LAUNCH!’s Proven Approach, to drive health behavior change. This curriculum included four quarterly program events and monthly educational workshops

Once a strong foundation was set and a relationship was established with the employees, topics that addressed exercise, nutrition, stress and others were rolled out. The program evolved over 2 ½ years and was awarded the American Heart Association Fit Friendly Worksite Award.