I Don't Have Time For This!

temp-post-imageReally, right now? Nothing like this comes at a "good time", of course.

Our family was right in the middle of a move from Los Angeles to Austin (that's another story in an of itself). I was in the middle of packing boxes on Sunday night and had two choices...push this, most likely benign situation, off until after we moved to Austin OR see if I could have my OBGYN Zhanna Pinkus, MD squeeze me in on Monday for a quick "check" and ease my mind of any serious consequence. So, I opted for the latter. Lynette Miya, NP was gracious enough to see me on Monday morning & my daughter later in the week.

So the diagnostic journey began... ultrasound on Monday with Lynette (not a cyst - but what was it?), a diagnostic mammogram on Wednesday (a definitive mass - but still, what was it?), and biopsy on Thursday, (this will definitively tell me what it is), completed at Torrance Memorial Vasek Polak Breast Diagnostic Imaging Center. A quick side note - Each one of these healthcare providers were incredibly supportive & positive throughout the entire process! All the procedures were easy to do & painless but brought slightly a little more anxiety about the possibility of "something" more serious. However, in the back of my mind, my focus stayed solely on the fact that it was some minor benign fibroadenoma that could be removed easily with surgery or left alone. Unfortunately, the biopsy results would not be available until the following Monday (the day before the movers were set to pack up the house - I didn't have time for this!) And so the longest wait EVER commenced over the weekend.

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