Corporate Weight Challenge Worked!

A large local manufacturing company in Torrance, Ca. recently contracted with us to coordinate and monitor a corporate wellness weight challenge program. There were multiple sites across the country and over 250 employees participating in the experience. Their overall goal was to change their poor health habits and convert to a healthier lifestyle.


The program started with a health risk evaluation, analyzing health risks, blood pressure, cholesterol monitoring, body fat metrics and weight. The employees created a team, assigned a name and began the challenge by supporting each other. Each team met with a Launch health coach to determine their overall goals, address health challenges and answer specific questions. Once the goals were identified and concern addressed, the fun part began!
We conducted nutrition education classes, exercise demonstrations, local restaurant food tastings, guest speakers, and more, over the course of 12 weeks. The group was extremely committment and although it was only a 3 month program, one specific group lost 59 lbs. and one employee alone lost 25 lbs. It was truly an inspiration to see the excitement, dedication and confidence that grew throughout the 12 weeks. It was a teambuilding and bonding event. Overall, they lost a total of 409 lbs.

The employees benefited greatly from the weight challenge and the corporation will ultimately also realize a significant ROI. In helping their employees improve health, they are reducing the risk for catastrophic health issues such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancer, etc., improve retention, decrease absenteeism and increase productivity. when their emloyees are healthy and happy!