A Foreshadow

Ironically, over the weekend, while I was anxiously awaiting the news of my biopsy results, my daughter Cami and I had planned to attend the "Walk with Sally" fundraising event in Manhattan Beach, in support of a mentorship program for children whose parents, guardians or siblings have cancer or have succumbed to cancer. Nick Arquette, the founder and CEO of the charity, is a friend of mine and I wanted to support his cause. We also had the opportunity to recognize my husband's mom, Mary, as she passed from cancer a few years ago.


His story - Sally was Nick Arquette’s mom. He and his brother lived with her in Northern California while she was diagnosed with and battling breast cancer. They struggled to try to make sense of why their mother was going through this and at the same time longed to have a mother who was just like all the other mom’s they saw with their friends. As the mounting pressures of cancer took their toll, this single mother could no longer care for her two sons and Nick and his brother moved to Idaho to live with their father. The impact of cancer had started to take it’s toll.

At just 11 years old Nick realized that cancer changes everything… he and his brother had to leave everything they had known, school, friends, family, and move to start a new life with their father in Idaho. Although he had his brother, Nick had always wanted someone who could understand what he was going through since his friends hadn’t really been exposed to cancer in their own lives yet. It reminds me so much of what my kids may be going through right now - breaks my heart. More about Walk with Sally Mentor Program


Not sure if it was a foreshadowing of what was to come, but on reflection, it sure does seem like it now. Cancer, at least from what I was aware of at the time, did not run on my side of the family. Hmmmm....